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Patient Experiences

Alpine Physical Therapy is the place in Missoula, Montana, for expert, effective, and caring physical therapy services.


 Meet our Satisfied Patients

Alpine Barbara2Barbara Grosvenor

The staff at Alpine Physical therapy is very welcoming and helpful.  Brace was most helpful explaining my injury, what to expect, and how to heal it.  He shared many suggestions to help make the injury more comfortable during this process.  This therapy has truly helped me heal.

- Barbara Grosvenor





 Noah Phillips

Noah Phillips

I started PT with Brent after several chiropractors, bottles of ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory patches, and consults with neurosurgeons had let me down.  This was my last course of action before accepting that cortisone injections and surgery would be in my future.  My motivation has been my son, James, and the drive to keep up with his speedy 18-month-old legs.  Within a short time, the PT began to work, the pain decreased, and the relapses became fewer and farther apart.  Now, a few months later, I feel better than I have in 15 years.  I have more energy, feel stronger, and hardly ever hurt.  For me, this is a new lease on life and a chance for my boy to know his Dad the way he should.

- Noah Phillips


 Laura Richards

Laura-RichardsAlpine Physical Therapy has been a tremendous help to me. This is a professional group who all work together for the benefit of their clients. I have been coming here for over a year due to a CVA and continue to make progress. Linsey Olsen is my personal physical therapist, and she is terrific. In general, however, everyone here knows what he or she is doing and works well with each other.

- Laura Richards


 Gary Holmes


I first came to Alpine about three years ago and worked with Gary Gales for some hip and back issues that I was experiencing. I initially had considerable pain and stiffness and was unable to sit for any length of time. Gary provided needed manual therapy and set me up on an exercise program to strengthen me. This resulted in my ability to walk without limping and made me pain free.

Recently, I have been working with Brent Dodge for shoulder and neck pain and stiffness. The treatment I have received has provided extraordinary results. The pain has almost completely disappeared, and my range of motion has improved markedly. Like Gary, Brent used a complete approach of treatment from manual therapy to providing exercises that I can use to continue building strength and flexibility. He also coached me on improving my posture and core strength.

To sum it up, I have received the best all around treatment from Alpine that I could hope for. I can now enjoy the activities important to me such as skiing, golfing, bicycling, and fishing . . . all with a minimum amount of pain.

- Gary Holmes

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