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Soccer is a physically demanding sport that imposes various stresses on the human body including aerobic endurance, power, speed, and agility. Resultantly, these demands put players at risk for injury, whether it be a dreaded ACL tear, an ankle sprain, or just nagging back and hip pain.

Among our staff of physical therapists, three are former Division I College Soccer Players. They possess the most current knowledge and research on the biomechanics and movement demands of soccer that contribute to injuries. And they are able to determine the success of rehabilitative strategies and provide guidance toward injury prevention.

As former high-level athletes, these physical therapists also understand the psychological and overall physical fitness demands of the sport.

Alpine's sport performance model integrates high level manual treatment skills with thorough structural and biomechanical analysis to create the most comprehensive soccer specific rehabilitation in Western Montana.

In conjunction with the standard rehabilitation used with Alpine's Sport Approach the following components will also be included into a soccer athlete’s program.

  • Jog, run, and sprint progressions with integrated agility drills
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Plyometric training with emphasis on core with lower extremity kinetic chain biomechanics
  • Passing and shooting progressions
  • Coerver based coordination drills with the ball

For more information on Alpine's work with soccer athletes, watch this video called The Physical Therapist's Role in Soccer.



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