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  • map3-2-4Connecting the dots between Alpine's 3 Missoula locations

    Alpine Physical Therapy is everywhere!

    We are everywhere, now that we've recently opened our third clinic. It’s in the heart of downtown Missoula on 150 E. Spruce St. in the new Peak Health and Wellness Center.

    Having three locations in Missoula affords our clients easy access to our city’s top spot for orthopedic physical therapy.

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  • homepage slider her health

    Missoula’s top choice for physical therapy services designed specifically for women

    Each stage in a women's life is unique. Menses, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause can all present periods of bodily change. These changes, while natural, can create issues that may not resolve on their own. Most people do not know that there is specialized treatment for this. Her Health therapists Tara Mund, DPT and Morgan York-Singer, DPT have been inspired to provide excellence in this burgeoning field to help women return to their desired level of function.

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  • homepage slider sport

    Committed to maximizing the performance of athletes of all ages and skill levels

    We apply the laws of physics to fully understand the spectrum of sports pursued by people in our community. Doing so ensures that we are able to maximize human movement and sport performance.

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  • homeslider2 why

    Why Us? Why Alpine?

    There is strength in numbers, especially when the numbers define you as the biggest, the best AND the leader among other similar businesses. Alpine is all of that . . . and more. For example:

    We have three locations with convenient access in north, south, and downtown Missoula.

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Someone must have wished us a Merry Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho Yeah! What a blast was had by all at our Christmas Party on Saturday night at the Missoula Winery.

Special thanks to all the Alpiners who worked diligently on the planning committee and who pulled this years' festivities off without a glitch.

We also thank Stephen and Tiffany Pitts for coming and taking us by the hand (literally) to teach some swing dance moves. Nearly everyone participated, which meant moving all the tables out of the way to make way for the whole gang! Here's a pic!

Alpine Swing Dance

Russ Nasset and the Revalators rounded out the evening with some boot-scootin' boogie for all. Their music was fantastic, as was all the good hang time we got with one another. 

Wow. So many memories from yet another phenomenal Christmas party at Alpine!


A gigantic thanks to everyone involved in helping to get our even bigger Alpine Physical Therapy banner up at our south location. It looks great! Certainly there was a lot of team work to make this happen.

Alpine Banner

Thank YOU, everyone!

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